Where can Hospice Care be Provided?

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In the Home,
 hospice care can be provided in the patient’s home, surrounded by loved ones and a familiar environment, in order to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. Mission Hospices program will have Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, and Aides schedule checkups with the patient.  While a nurse, doctor, and other professional staff established the routine of care for the patient; in addition to this cause of care, the primary care giver plays an important part in the patient’s care. The primary caregiver is usually a family member or friend who is responsible for around-the-clock supervision of the patient. The patient can also hire a caregiver and Mission Hospice will train the caregiver to provide hands-on care for the patient when a Mission Hospice staff member is not present. It is important to acknowledge that the patient may require someone to be home with them at all times. This may be a problem if the patient lives alone, or if all family members have full-time jobs, but creative scheduling and good team work among your friends and loved ones can overcome this problem. Members of the hospice team will visit regularly to check on the patient and family, and give needed care and services.

DSC_0034In a Long Term Care Facility, many nursing homes and other long-term care facilities accept hospice patients. We diligently train the staff in these facilities to care for hospice patients when a member of the hospice team is not on site. This is a good option for patients who want hospice care but do not have primary caregivers to take care of them at home. Mission Hospice will continue to send all the appropriate staff members to the facility and provide any medications related to comfort care and the pain relief of the patient.

If you have any questions about where hospice care can be provided; you can contact a Mission Hospice Representative at 1-800-311-0729 or at our Contact Us Page.

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