Training to Become Volunteers


The Training Process for Volunteers:

Hospice Volunteers are truly committed members of the community who contribute a few hours each week to the care of terminally ill patients.    Volunteers apply their individual interests and skills in ways that enrich the quality of life of our Mission Hospice patients, their families, and their caretakers. Often, one of the most important contributions of our volunteers is simply to be there for the patients and their families so they don’t feel isolated and alone.  At Mission Hospice, we train volunteers in a variety of topics that relate to hospice issues to equip all volunteers with appropriate interventions and resources to serve as members of the Mission Hospice team and supporting and assist our hospice professionals.  Volunteers may assist in many tasks for the patient like running errands, reading or writing for the patient, but the most important task of a volunteer is to provide company to the patient during their short-term expectancy.

Mission Hospice volunteers must complete 15 hours of training that covers the a variety of topics:

• History & Philosophy of hospice

• Role of volunteers

• Patient confidentiality

• Understanding end stage diseases

• Family dynamics and terminal illness

• Communication skills

• Cultural & Religious Diversity / Spirituality

• Team members & their roles

• Advanced Directives

• How to maintain boundaries

• Stress management: Taking Care of Yourself

• Volunteer Duties & Responsibilities

We offer volunteer training several times a year, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at this Contact Page or call Mission Hospice at 1-800-311-0729 or 626-799-2727. Also see our volunteer web/blog page: Mission Hospice Volunteer Page for more information.

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