Patients’ Families Testimonials:

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“The entire staff was so good to my mother she would tell me every day when she was still able to speak, “I’m very satisfied with everyone here.”  This made me feel comfortable about my decision to place her with Mission.”  Patient’s Family


“Every member that came to take care of my mom was excellent!  The home health aide, who came to bathe her, was always so careful and never rushed.  She took time to explain each procedure that she was doing.  Mom called her “my friend.”

What can I say about the nurses.  Whenever I needed help on answers; she was there.  She never forgot the day my mom died.  The nurse sat with her and gave her comfort (comforting me also).  You could feel her compassion the way she stroked her cheek and talked with my mother.  The nurses are truly one of God’s angels.”  Patient’s Family


“With every concern we had as a family we were given valuable input and information about the process and how to best care for our family member at such a crucial time.  Everyone we dealt with during this time was kind and courteous while still being professional in their service.  We would not hesitate to recommend your service and come to others who may need this in their life.  Thank you again for your excellent care and interactions with our family.”  Patient’s Family


“Overall we were extremely satisfied with all facets of your service.  From a rep coming out on a weekend to explain hospice and sign us up to a late night nurse call; the response was great.  Every nurse and staff member showed concern and compassion for my mother.  The   service was a comfort to all of us and my mother liked the personal attention.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you for your service – we greatly appreciated it.”  Patient’s Family


“We are very grateful with your program, and all of your staff members for all the information and support we received in our time of need.

We were made aware of every single step of the process before we actually encountered it.  That alone was a great help, not to mention how well prepared the nurses were and the rest of your staff.  We thank you very, very, very much.”  Patient’s Family


“All was very good and caring.  A much better experience than my mother-in-law hospice company.  I would recommend Mission to everyone.  Thank You.  Dad fell three times and I needed help getting him up.  All three times you sent help in good time.  When I needed advise you were always there to explain it to me.  We chose this hospice because 3 years prior you were so wonderful with my mother’s care.  That same level of care was experienced with Dad.  Thank you so much for all your help.”  Patient’s Family


“I have nothing but praise for the care.  The nurses were compassionate, friendly and polite.  I would recommend Mission Hospice care to anybody.  Thank so much.”  Patient’s Family


“Everyone was wonderful, even when I was stressed out of my mind.”  Patient’s Family


Mission Hospice Volunteer Testimonials:


“Mission Hospice provides training before you begin, which I so appreciated! The training really helped me feel prepared and to think about my own attitudes about living and dying. The other volunteers were wonderful people. I feel a great deal of support from the staff and other members of my hospice teams. This continued after training, as I now am in touch with the volunteer coordinator on a regular basis, and with members of the various hospice teams. How great to help people in need, and to be a part of a larger organization which is committed to care.” Brenda – Mission Hospice Volunteer

“Having the experience of working with persons terminally ill is not an easy task, but for those who can give unconditional support for the people that need it, working with hospice is a highly gratifying. The training is very worthy in itself. The major point of the training is to make the volunteer to accept death as a part of life and prepare hem/her to put up with it. It also puts the volunteer on the skin of the patient and make hem/her feel what the patient would feel on the perspective of an eminent death. After the instruction there is a multitude of patients that need someone to listen to them, keep them company even for a short time, or just hold there hands. I encourage everyone that is looking for accomplishment in volunteer work to contact hospice and start a training, and good luck. And for Mission Hospice a big five.” Mohamed – Mission Hospice Volunteer

“I would 110% recommend Mission Hospice as an organization to volunteer for. My experience there for the last year has been very rewarding and is truly a special organization. At Mission Hospice, they value their volunteers and are very professional with their training no matter which way you decide to help. Their Volunteer Coordinator, has years of experience working in a hospice setting and provides insightful and thorough training. Hospice is a wonderful organization and volunteering for them you truly help increase the quality of people’s lives and your own. I strongly encourage any person looking for a rewarding volunteer experience to get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about it. There are so many ways to help!” Ilana – Mission Hospice Volunteer

” I have learned something significant from each and every one of my patients. Each patient has affected me in a different way. For example, I was deeply impacted through the depth of communication that my patient, who could not speak, communicated through his eyes. Volunteering at Mission Hospice has significantly impacted my life as it has taught me to slow down and reflect on the gift of the present moment. It has also equipped me to humbly embrace the harder conversation topics that can arise when talking with others. Before hospice volunteering, I was a person who did not like to sit still for very long periods of time unless I was accomplishing something ‘productive’. But, after spending meaningful time with the patients, I have learned that there is great value in being present with one another without having a particular agenda.” Amy – Mission Hospice Volunteer

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