Palliative Care

Golden Years

At Mission Hospice, Palliative Care patients are given the same supportive care that hospice care patients receive, as we know pain management and comfort care are also needed for patients who are not in an end of life situation.   Palliative care is an option for patients who are suffering from an incurable illness and distressing pain, but are not in a dire condition where they are diagnosed with less than six months to live.

Palliative care may be provided throughout the course of an illness, during aggressive treatment, chronic management and towards the decline of the patient.  Mission Hospice’s goal in palliative care is to suppress the symptoms from the illness; so that the patient can carry on with his life.

If someone you know or even yourself have been diagnosed with a serious illness and think you may benefit from palliative care you can contact a Mission Hospice Representative at 1-800-311-0729 or at our Referral Page.

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