Mission Hospice Core Team

Mission Hospice’s Interdisciplinary Team performs a variety of essential functions (acts) to help manage the care of hospice patients.  Multifaceted skill sets work together to create an ideal care plan for you and your loved ones. Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, home health aides, spiritual counselors, and trained volunteers care for our patients and offer assistance based on their respective areas of expertise. Together, their priority is to offer comfort care aimed at relieving symptoms and arranging for essential social, emotional and spiritual support. Mission Hospice has around-the-clock nurses, chaplains and social workers to handle patients’ needs and any emergencies which may arise.  Mission Hospice also provides spiritual counselors, pharmacy and physician services around the clock for our patients and their families.  After hour calls are answered by nurses who assess the situation and may instruct or send the appropriate hospice team member to a patient, if needed, between normally scheduled visits.


Physicians at Mission Hospice are responsible for the medical portion of the care plan created for a patient in hospice care.  Our medical director assesses the patients’ needs and reviews, prescribes and changes any treatment or medication as needed.   Mission Hospice physicians also collaborate with each patient’s core team to create an individualized care plan for our patient.


Registered Nurses are the heart of all care given to our patients.  They plan, organize, and assess the care plan designed to manage the treatment of our patients and their families. Registered Nurses are also available to assist in dealing with the impending death of someone close and answer any questions the patient and their family may have about the process.  Our nurses work with our patients and their families in coordinating the care plan that provides the best quality of care.

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Social Workers:

Social Workers are an integral facet of the Mission Hospice team.  Social Workers provide emotional and psychological support to the patient and their families while providing counseling with any final questions or concerns.  They may assist with understanding your insurance benefits, durable power of attorney, advanced directives, plan for funeral arrangements, as well as offering one-on-one, family and/or group therapy.  Our Social Workers bridge the many different facets of hospice care to ensure the social and emotional concerns of our patients are all provided for.

Certified Home Health Aides:

A Certified Home Health Aide, CHHA, provides personal care for our patients in the home or their respective facilities.  The personal care offered by our CHHAs range from assistance with walking and range of motion to hygiene care, i.e., assistance with bathing, oral hygiene, shaving, etc., of our patient.  Upon admission, a needs assessment is conducted for the level of care each CHHA will provide.


A dietitian is available for each patient to determine what nutrition plan would be most beneficial for them, physically and emotionally.  They also provide nutritional assessments, and educate patients and their families on which type of foods and liquids would be recommended.  Based on individual medical needs, our dietitians create personalized diets to help our patients gain the most enjoyment from their meals.

Spiritual Counselors:

Everyone’s religious needs and spiritual beliefs are different.  At Mission Hospice, we understand that these are just as important to care for as your mental and physical ones. Our Chaplains assess individual religious and spiritual beliefs to create a unique support system to best suit you and your family.  As recipients of a Masters Degree in Divinity, they are uniquely qualified to uphold all religious views and cultural backgrounds by nurturing the spirit of our patients and their families.  We have a Chaplain on-call at all times for any spiritual crises or emergencies which may arise.  They are available to help you and your loved ones understand the meaning of death, find a way to say goodbye and can assist in connecting you with religious leaders in your community.  All Mission Hospice employees and volunteers respect the spiritual beliefs and lifestyle choices of our patients and their families.


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Our volunteers want to assist in providing care and comfort to our patients and their families.  As vital members of our Mission Hospice team, they assist patients, families and staff in a variety of ways. We believe that everyone is gifted with specific strengths and talents that can be developed to match with one of our patients.  Our Volunteer Program is uniquely designed to coordinate the talents of our volunteers with the strengths of our Interdisciplinary team.  These areas include, but are not limited to: music, art, spiritual care, animal companions and understanding veteran affairs. We also welcome those with administrative experience to support our staff and volunteers from our office.

We offer different opportunities for volunteers, such as patient care in the home or facility, additional training for bereavement services,

Community Liaison:

Community Liaisons are representatives of Mission Hospice who create and nurture relationships with the community.  While fostering these connections with physicians, healthcare facilities, clinics and patients, our Community Liaisons ensure they are well-informed about the beneficial services we provide to our patients and their families.

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